The next contest takes place on 10th June 2022

Commencing at 4:00 pm. Registration from 3.30pm.

Last registration: 10.30pm ( at the discretion of the organisers)


Contest: Helen Douthwaite (AoBBA)

March: Wing Commander Steve Molloy (ATC)

All of the contests are run on slightly different lines – making this one of the joys of the contests. Please read the information below to help you to get the best experience of our contest.

Arriving in the village

Please note that during the last two years, a new Secondary School has been built in Diggle, and the entrance to the village now is controlled by traffic lights. The entrance to the village looks a bit different, so don’t get confused and think you are in the wrong place!

Coaches are able to turn round in Diggle. We will meet your coach and advise you of the likely waiting time. We are pretty good at estimating this, so don’t be deterred by the number of coaches you see when you arrive. (Quite often coach drivers have a rest here, and bands have some of our delicious food.)

Please adhere to signage and keep speed in the village very slow.

You are in the queue as soon as you enter Diggle, so for the safety of others, please take it steady. Rushing will make no difference to your playing time.

The road closure begins at 4pm. We are not able to take any responsibility for coach manoeuvring until then, but in the interests of the safety of pedestrians, we request that your coach remains in a queue until we give you further instructions. This will not affect your position in the contest at all.

Please take instructions from our volunteers, and remember that they are giving up their time to give you the best experience possible.


You will be able to register in advance on the Saddleworth Whit Friday website. This will provide information for all of the contests to use. When you arrive in Diggle, you need to visit Registration where you will be given a playing number, documentation and an estimated time for waiting. You must take responsibility for your band being ready to march at the bottom of the band club drive. If you miss your slot, you will go to the back of the queue.

How many bands are waiting?

Follow @FridayWhit for regular and accurate tweets about the number of bands waiting at each contest.

Need more information?

Use our Contact Form to get in touch.